Venue & Access

AIST Tsukuba Auditorium

(= 共用講堂 = Kyouyou Koudou)
Adr: 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, 305-8561 Ibaraki


From / to TX Tsukuba Station

Use the free shuttle bus, taxiAIST/NIMS Shuttle buses and Kantetsu Buses

Free Shuttle Bus

Find this sign!


Tsukuba Station > AIST

  • Stop : #9 Bus stop, Tsukuba Center
  • Departure : 9:05 (arrival 9:20)

AIST > Tsukuba Stattion

  • Stop : AIST Central 1 (Science Square)
  • Departure : 18:15 (arrival 18:30)
    Departure may change according to the adjourn of the forum.

Stops (Click to enlarge)

Tsukuba-center_map Tsukuba-center_map2 AISTbus_map

* Please pardon if the bus reaches to the passenger limit.


  • Destination : “Science Square, AIST Central”「産総研中央 第1事業所(サイエンススクエア)前」
  • Ca. 10 minutes

AIST/NIMS Shuttle Bus, Kantetsu Buses

  • Timetable here (PDF)
  • Kantetsu bus : Take either of 20, 21A, 22, C22, Stop at “Namiki 2-chome”「並木2丁目」下車

JR Joban Line, Arakawa-Oki Station

Use Kantetsu Buses or taxi.

  • Kantetsu bus : Take either of 20, 21A, 22, Stop at “Namiki 2-chome”「並木2丁目」下車
  • Taxi Destination : “Science Square, AIST Central”「産総研中央 第1事業所(サイエンススクエア)前」, Ca. 20 minutes

Highway Buses

  • From Tokyo Station South Terminal for Tsukuba University (or Tsukuba Center), Stop at “Namiki 2-chome”
  • Timetable here.
  • Buses from Haneda Airport, Ibaraki Airport available.
  • Caution! Buses from Narita Airport don’t stop!

By Car

  • You must check in at the Main Gate. See here (in Japanese).
  • North gate and South gate are for registered cars only.

Walk-in, Bicycle, Bike

  • Please come directly to the venue!
Public Transportations to AIST Tsukuba



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